KMML – The Kerala Minerals & Metals Ltd.

About KMML

Bringing more to your everyday life, KMML touches you in numerous ways. Be it the dress you wear, the cosmetics you use, the medicines you take, the paints you decorate your home with or the utility plastic products, our products are there. Eco-friendly & socially committed, it is the only integrated Titanium Dioxide facility having mining, mineral separation, synthetic rutile and pigment-production plants. Apart from producing rutile grade Titanium Dioxide pigment for various types of industries, it also produces other products like Illmenite, Rutile, Zircon, Sillimenite, Synthetic rutile etc.

Manufacturing Titanium Dioxide through the chloride route, KMML produces very pure rutile grade Titanium dioxide pigment. The different grades churned out by KMML under brand name KEMOX has a ready market which asks for more. The commendable work in research by the R&D department has also helped KMML to add more colours to its portfolio.

With continued growth and demand in the economy and industry, the products of KMML are being lapped up by the eager market. This has in turn set the wheels turning for KMML’s expansion.

KMML has always been responsive to social and environmental causes. Some of the initiatives taken by KMML have made a significant change to the area and its people.

A Brief History

The history of the beaches of Sankarmangalam and nearby areas is inextricably intertwined with the history of the precious beaches and KMML. Precious, as was discovered in 1909 by the German scientist Dr. Schomberg who found traces of monazite in the sand flakes on the imported coir from Sankaramangalam. The beaches with a wealth of rare earth minerals became the centre of scientific attraction.

By 1932, a visionary private entrepreneur established the F. X. Perira and Sons (Travancore) Pvt. Ltd, the forerunner to KMML. During the course of time, KMML changed hands three times over. In 1956 it was taken over by the state government and was placed under the control of the industries department. The unit was subsequently converted as a limited company in 1972 by the name of ‘The Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd.’  with the following broad objectives.

1. Optimum utilisation of mineral wealth found along the sea coast of Kollam-Alappuzha Districts.
2. Large scale generation of employment in the state in general.
3. Overall growth and development of the local area in particular and the state in general.

The construction of Titanium Dioxide Pigment  using chloride technology started in 1979. The same was commissioned in 1984 as the first and only integrated Titanium Dioxide Plant in the world.

Today, with over 2000 employees and a range of products, KMML has become part and parcel of local and international life.

Contact Us

The Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited (A Government of Kerala Undertaking)
Kerala, India – 691 583

Tel: +91 476 2686722 to 2686733
Fax: +91 476 2680101, 2686721
Gram: ‘TITANIUM’, Telex: 0886-359 KMML IN

Vist us @

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